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Our local historical collection is expanded according to plan, based on criteria set out in the rules of collection. We collect various documents pertaining to Siófok, its agglomeration, as well as Lake Balaton. We also make it a priority to preserve collected documents from settlements in Somogy county, as well as lakeside settlements in Veszprém county.

The collection is a complex store of information. It is an exhaustive repository of documents which had (has, or might have in the future) some role in the life of the region. The documents in the collection are related to nature, economic life, social structure, administrative, technical matters, culture, lifestyle, science, scientific, statistical, and literary works in the area. We pay special attention to register and preserve literary works of local authors and of local relevance.

Geographically, the limits of the collection are dictated by the administrative boundaries.
In the course of its history, Siófok belonged to both Somogy and Veszprém counties, and only in 1950 was it annexed to Somogy county again. The county boundary was the Sió itself.

We set no time limits, our goal is to preserve all documents of local relevance from any age in history.

Due to the archived nature of the collection, changes in the informational value of the documents and ideological considerations are not relevant factors!

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