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The Balaton Press Archives, available on our website, was created in cooperation by five municipalities around Lake Balaton. The Regional Cooperation of Libraries around Balaton was established with the goal to preserve press materials published in the region from the beginnings in a digitized form, and to provide access to researchers and visitors alike. Microfilm copies of the materials were used for the digitizing process. A single frame constitutes a page. Unfortunately, microfilm reels are sometimes deficient, with several hard to read copies, therefore certain pages and issues might be missing from the database.

The database can be searched by title, year of publication, volume and page numbers as well. Substantive exploration of the materials has not taken place yet, and all pages can be printed.

Currently, the database includes issues of the following two periodicals::

BALATON: Official journal of the Balaton Association
(1 Jan. 1908 – 1 Nov. 1944)
(Official journal of the Balaton Association and its related institutions and companies)
Editorial offices: Budapest, Siófok, Balatonfüred
Publication: initially irregular, then monthly

(5 Jul, 1933 (Issue 7) – 23 Dec, 1948)
Official journal of the Association of Balaton Societies from 29 Apr, 1936. Tourism, sports, social and economic weekly (from 29 Apr, 1936 )
Official journal of the Balaton Management Committee and the Association of Balaton Societies from 21 Aug, 1947.
Editorial offices: Keszthely
Publication: varying, weekly or biweekly
Suspended: 1939: Jan 11 – Mar 23., 25 May, 1944 – 25 Aug, 1947.

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