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Dear Visitor,

Our Library has almost 3,000 documents on local information and local history, collected as a result of decades of ongoing effort invested into building the collection.

Our objective is the comprehensive collection of the most diverse documents related to Siófok, its catchment area and Lake Balaton. Selected documents are also collected about Somogy and Veszprém Counties.

Our collection includes publications presenting the history, natural conditions, social history, economy, cultural and artistic values of the Balaton region. Visitors may not only take the books into their hands, current and back issues of periodicals, thesis papers, village/town and local government periodicals published locally or in the Balaton region and also view microfiches of journals and newspapers from counties Somogy and Veszprém, which are not available in their original format anymore.

Our collection includes two estates and two private collections, which are also accessible for research. The collection also includes brochures, posters, invitations, leaflets; the exploration and processing of our postcard and photo collection is also under way. Programmes by former local television stations about local policy, events in the region, and also clips in old newsreels about Lake Balaton or Siófok are digitally captured and archived on DVD.

All individuals, school and other groups are welcome to visit our local history collection. Do not hesitate to rely on our services!

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