Történeti Gyűjtemény

A collection of printed documents (books, photocopies, postcards, posters, leaflets, manuscripts) about the past and present of Siófok

"RSK" (short for "Régi Siófoki Könyvtár", meaning "Old Siófok Library")
Mostly classic fiction published before the war. In terms of content, these items are not part of the local history collection, but all volumes used to belong to old libraries in Siófok (book clubs, associations, bath libraries etc.). They are protected items with their own, original stamps.
Later these books became the first volumes of the town library, established in 1947.

Böjti Collection
Meteorology book collection of chartered meteorologist Dr. Béla Böjti, retired head of the Meteorology Observatory in Siófok. Its bearing on local history is the person of the donor.

Sujánszky Collection
Jenő Sujánszky joined the emerging secret national resistance movement at an early age. Forced into hiding for a long time as a result of his active participation in the events of the 1956 revolution in Budapest, he escaped. The collection includes a biography, press cuttings, correspondence, reports, a documentary, photos and other documents.

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